Jon Schmidt at his potters wheel

Jon Schmidt is an Adventurer

His four months in India and an ascent to the summit of Mt. Rainier were two experiences that prepared him for the adventure of purchasing Mocha Monkey from Pam Braunwarth, who is the founder and created the experience that is Mocha Monkey.  Jon’s dual passions of entrepreneurialism and hand made pottery have collided in his ownership of this award winning coffeehouse, as recognized in Southwest Magazine.jonguitar

Jon purchased Mocha Monkey in December, 2010,  six month prior to graduating from Gustavus.  As a business management major and potter, his attention now focused on the grind of the bean and the turn of the potters wheel.  His pottery studio continually produces the unique hand-crafted mugs, plates and bowls used at the coffee house along with other fine pieces for sale.

When not throwing pottery or honing the business, Jon can be found playing basketball, volleyball, guitar, drums or boarding on the local lake Waconia.  Look for the guy with clay under his fingernails.

Jon Schmidt on cover of Southwest Metro


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